Dryer Vent Cleaning

Affordable Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Springtown, TX and the Surrounding DFW Metroplex

Prevent Fires and Reduce Your Energy Costs with a Properly Vented Dryer!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Springtown TX: Fire Prevention | Mr. Sweeps - lintOf all your home appliances, few use more energy than your dryer. Rapidly removing moisture from clumps of clothes requires a strong air flow and large amounts of heat. This means that if the process operates at anything less than 100 percent efficiency, you’ll be pumping excess energy into an enclosed space, raising the risk of fire. Mr. Sweeps Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning offers the inspection and clean-out services you need for a safe, efficient dryer. Operating out of Springtown, we help homeowners across the Dallas / Fort Worth area dry their clothes without risk.

Why Is My Dryer Running Slow?

If your dryer takes longer than usual to dry your clothes, ventilation issues are likely to blame. Most homeowners are aware that they need to clean lint out of the machine's filter but don’t realize that the same materials can accumulate in the air vents. When this happens, warm, dry air cannot flow as easily into the dryer, while moisture will not be able to get out as quickly. Thus your dryer will need longer to finish your clothes, and it will use more energy in doing so.

There are a number of different ways to tell if your dryer has ventilation issues. In addition to making you wait longer for dry clothes, it will likely not do as good a job, leaving many of your threads damp even after an extended cycle. Likewise, because dryers consume large amounts of energy to begin with, even a minor decrease in efficiency will likely show up on your electric bill. If you notice that you’re paying more for energy and can’t find any other reason, a dryer vent clean out may be in order.

Protect Your Property! Dirty Dryer Vents Are a Leading Cause of Home Fires

Dryer Vent Cleaning Springtown TX: Fire Prevention | Mr. Sweeps - firedryerWhile inefficiency and poor drying may sound bad enough, they are only the beginning of the damage that clogged dryers can cause. The longer the ventilation issues persist, the more energy your dryer will have to use, pumping it directly into a system that is clogged up with flammable lint. This can easily spark a fire, which will quickly spread to your clothes and then throughout the house. Thus if you want to keep your family and your property safe, it is critical to clean your dryer vents on a regular basis.

Even if you manage to avoid a fire, a dirty dryer can still undermine your life and that of the broader ecosystem. The more energy you use drying clothes in an inefficient appliance, the more you will have to pay for electricity. Excess energy use also contributes to climate change, mercury poisoning, ocean acidification, and a plethora of other problems that are destroying the natural environment. Finally, pumping more energy into one room of your house increases the danger of wiring and circuitry problems, and may cause you to need more electrical maintenance. Thus out of concern for your financial well-being and the planet’s survival, let Mr. Sweeps clean out your dryer.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Springtown TX: Fire Prevention | Mr. Sweeps - icon-sweepFor more information on dryer vent clean-out and other cleaning and repair services, contact Mr. Sweeps today at (817) 692-5624.